The Saskatoon Team are your local Pillar To Post home inspectors for Saskatoon and the surrounding areas, and we have been assisting home buyers, home sellers, and real estate agents since 1996 in determining the true condition of a home. We provide honest and knowledgeable communication with our customers, and we hold in the highest regard the trust that our clients place in our inspection services and home education abilities.

Leading the Industry by Example

  • Our office has completed over 12,500 home inspections in Saskatoon and the surrounding areas.
  • We are considered one of the top companies in the local home inspection industry.
  • We have conducted home inspections on a variety of residence types and ages and are qualified to inspect any home, from new construction to historic homes built centuries ago.
  • We can inspect residential single and multi-unit homes, apartment buildings, and even perform light commercial inspections.
  • We offer a thorough and complete home inspection, combined with exceptional customer service.
  • We have more than one inspector, so scheduling a home inspection on short notice can usually be arranged without any problem.
  • Deadlines such as closing dates may require a fast inspection turnaround time, and we work to accommodate every client’s schedule whenever possible.

Other Services Our Customers Can Choose

We offer other services in addition to home inspections, and these related services can be chosen with the inspection or scheduled separately. The added services that we offer include:

  • Asbestos Testing
  • Mold Sampling
  • Water Potability
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

It will take between two and four hours for us to conduct a professional home inspection and make a report of the details and findings. This report is printed on site, and includes pictures in color of any areas that may be a cause of concern. Most questions will be asked during the inspection because we ask our clients to take part and discuss any questions that they have, but questions that may occur after the inspector has left will be promptly addressed as well.

Home Inspector Achievements and Local Involvement

Pillar To Post of Saskatoon (and the surrounding areas) offers three highly qualified inspectors who are active locally in the community and respected in the industry. These inspectors are:

Bradly George:

  • Pillar To Post Certified Home Inspector
  • Registered Home Inspector (RHI)
  • Pillar To Post Franchise Owner
  • Saskatoon Region Association of Realtors Member

Allan Phipps:

  • Pillar To Post Certified Home Inspector
  • 17 years of residential home inspection experience
  • Strong electrical and construction background
  • Register Home Inspector (RHI), 20 years of home inspection experience

Tom Schwinghamer:

  • Pillar To Post Certified Home Inspector
  • CAHPI National Certificate Holder
  • SRA Member
  • Exceptional home buyer education

What Clients Like

Clients frequently tell us what they like and appreciate about our services. Most report that we do a very thorough and complete job, and that the attention to detail that we offer is incredible. Our home inspection process covers more than 1,600 different home areas and items, so customers are reassured that an accurate inspection report will be provided. Our client satisfaction rate is extremely high, and the professionalism that we bring to every home inspection helps our customers relax.

Realtors tell us that they refer our services to clients because of our professionalism, great report, and verbal walk through. We are frequently told that we are trusted by real estate professionals to provide exceptional customer service and home inspections, and that Realtors know we will protect their professional reputation.

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